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In an unprecedented 2020 and beyond, the question marketers must ask isn't what will change, but what won't...

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold around the world, marketers are looking for answers to key questions about the "next normal."

In response, Blis is closely monitoring patterns of consumer behaviour and created ‘The changing behaviour series’ to dive deep into different verticals and markets to understand the trends as they emerged within those sectors.

In this un-whitepaper, we’ve summarised the most salient of these insights and the answers to marketers' most pressing questions. 

Read on to learn about:

  • Overarching learnings that can be applied to your marketing planning, including top global observations from the grocery sector and recovering markets that can be extrapolated to other verticals and markets at different stages of recovery. 

  • The Blis Crisis/Stability/Recovery framework to help businesses plan their marketing strategy for the next phase of the pandemic, as well as key recommendations for each stage of the framework based on observed consumer behavioral patterns.

  • Benchmark results of campaigns we ran throughout each stage and examples of creative executions to inspire.

What's normal got to do with it: Navigating changing consumer behaviour pre, during and post-COVID-19

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