Blis Insights conducted a US-based study to develop “US QSR State of the Nation 2019”, the second installment in a quarterly series of vertical-specific US reports. The study explores how QSR brands and marketers can better understand the experience funnel and optimize footfall flow to expand consumption and build loyalty.

In “QSR State of the Nation 2019” report, you will learn: 

  • The correlation between QSR visits, loyalty and revenue
  • The optimal frequency levels to generate a commitment level that positively impacts revenue
  • Which types of enhanced experience recommendation is best for your QSR brand, based on consumer footfall flow
  • How successful QSRs are going beyond the purchase funnel to focus on the experience funnel (consumption, frequency & loyalty)
  • How to identify competitive similarities to target and conquest consumers from places that are naturally inclined to go

To dive into these findings, download our report now.