Blis conducted market research through AYTM, surveying 2000 consumers across the United States at every socio-economic level, to uncover shopper preferences and how they like to best interact with brands. The survey findings highlighted a consumer mindset shift when it comes to retail and their brand relationships.

Download the “Unlocking the New Consumer Hierarchy of Needs: A Guide for Retail Marketers” to discover how you need to adapt to the changing retail landscape. 

Some findings and questions the paper addresses include:

  • How do you gain and maintain customer loyalty given 47% of consumers claim to be less loyal than past years, and those who are loyal, expect to be rewarded
  • How do you make a deposit in the long-term consumer brand relationship since 55% of surveyed consumers said they give brands only one chance for a mistake before moving on to another brand
  • How do you engage customers at the right moment in time with personalized messaging given 28% of consumers said they would switch brands if they knew the product would save them money in the long run