Blis, the global leader in real-world intelligence, presents The Real Retail Story, a report on the latest buying opinions of Australian shoppers, in association with Sapio Research.

To shed some light on the retail era, Blis and Sapio Research reached out to 5,935 consumers globally (including 805 in Australia) in a global study to uncover the motivations, preferences and behaviours of shoppers.

Dive into key thematic takeaways:

1. Getting physical: Tapping into the visceral and tactile thrill of shopping

2. Savvy Shoppers and Bargain Hunters: How marketers can take advantage of new shopper behaviours

3. Under the influence: Leveraging the best of online to drive footfall offline

4. Best of Both worlds: Fusing online and offline for a more seamless, memorable shopping experience

Download the #RealRetail Study now to learn how leveraging real-world intelligence can deliver the visceral shopping experiences that people crave.

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