Blis conducted research through AYTM, to establish the new consumer touchpoints and present a compass for retailers and brands to navigate these new (and still evolving) trade routes. 

Download “Locating Decisions: A Marketer's Guide to Re-Navigating the Consumer Path to Purchase” to identify the best ways to map your marketing activities to the new consumer discovery web. Some findings include:

  • The in-store browsing, ‘offline opportunists’ look to pose a problem for brands trying to market to and influence them using technology, a significant percentage of them (36%) browse both mobile and physical stores at the same time to check for prices and product availability.
  • The vast majority (66%) of consumers today identify as decisive shoppers: 38% consider themselves to be “informed” and a further 28% are “focused.”
  • After the first exposure to a new product, 64% of people head online to find out more.
  • 45% admit to having two or three ‘dates’ with a product before handing over the cash or credit card.

To learn how to apply these findings to your digital marketing strategy, download our white paper.