To understand just how much we value data today, Blis embarked on a 2,000-person US study conducted by online market research company AYTM. To derive the insights outlined in this white paper, we explored how consumers quantify the value of their information (like shopping history and personally identifiable information) and what they would be willing to exchange with marketers for more targeted advertising and other intimate connections.

Download “The ‘Currency’ of Data: Quantifying the Value of Consumer Information in 2019” to read the key findings and understand:

  • How the conversation surrounding consumers and personal data is set to take shape in 2019
  • Consumers level of awareness of how their personal information is being used and how marketers should use that information respectfully
  • How deals, offers, and coupons play a role in consumers sharing their personal data
  • How to not lose market share in this new data driven world 

To learn more about these findings and how to apply them to your digital marketing strategy, download our white paper.