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The changing behaviour series' available content:

  • Online content engagement: In this presentation we look at how online content engagement is changing and the different browsing habits to consider. Gaming content has seen growth and browsing times change. 

  • EMEA vs Australia: In this presentation we look at the changing consumer behaviour across the grocery sector for the UK and Italy and compare and contrast that to what we are seeing in Australia.

  • DIY and home improvement: In this presentation we look at trends in the home improvement and DIY sector across the past few months, including comparing pre-COVID data to current patterns of behaviour.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Beauty: In this presentation we look at trends in the pharmaceutical and beauty sectors and how the necessity of the pharma sector has impacted on changing consumer behaviour around Covid-19.

  • Life after lockdown: In this presentation we look at consumer confidence around the ease of lockdown restrictions and what consumer behaviour patterns might look like after those lockdown restrictions are lifted. We also take a look at examples from countries that have begun to ease restrictions already.

  • Changing commuter patterns: In this presentation we look at how commuter patterns have changed since the UK Government announced the easing of it's lockdown in London, Manchester and Glasgow. We also look at how these changes impact the QSR vertical.

  • Consumer vs confidence: In this presentation we look at at the early signs of footfall recovery across the UK, but also at spending intentions, and what opportunities there are for brands and what what tactics they might need to use to bridge the gap.

  • Return to retail: In this presentation we give an update on consumer confidence in the economy and household finances across the UK and look at how foot traffic has changed over the weeks for the Auto, Home furnishings, Grocers and Retail sectors.

  • High streets to bar stool: In this presentation we break down what's happening in the UK, with a view towards retail and pubs across high streets across the country.

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The changing behaviour series

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