Blis, the global leader in real-world intelligence, presents "Real-world intelligence: Mapping human behaviour to effective mobile marketing," an APAC B2B survey conducted in association with WBR Insights interviewing over 150 CMOs, heads of marketing and agency directors from travel, retail and consumer goods brands.
To shed light on digital marketing preferences and strategy, the study uncovers why marketers are turning to real-world intelligence, how they are using it and what can be done to optimise their efforts. 

The study illuminates key findings:
1. Location-based marketing is growing, with a percentage of marketers spending over $100,000 on paid location advertising
2. Addressing the knowledge gap is crucial to demonstrate and measure effectiveness of campaigns
3. Using location data helps marketers measure relevance and close the attribution gap
Get a copy of our #RealWorldIntelligence study now to find out how utilising real-world intelligence opens up a new level of understanding consumer behaviour and business performance. 

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